May Your Coffee Be Strong – Unique Saying For Your Great Monday!

No one loves Monday, is it true? Even if you are a workaholic, I believe Monday is still the worst day of your working week. If not, you belong to the minor group of the world. We all have to suffer from “Blue Monday” after a relaxing weekend and what we have to do is boost our mood as soon as possible to start our work. And drinking coffee is one of the most effective ways. Coffee has a large amount of caffeine which helps us awake and focus on tasks better. Therefore, coffee could be your best friend if you constantly fight sluggishness on Monday morning. Because of the significant effect, a new saying about coffee is created – May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short. Let’s read this article to find the meaning of this sentence!

What Does This Saying Mean?

As it suggests, the saying mentions the effect of coffee on people who hate Monday. After the weekend, you start a new week, and Monday is always a nightmare. According to a Gallup poll, about 70 percent of people hate Monday. They feel depressed from Sunday night to Monday morning. You may feel tired, sleepy, and sluggish, and you don’t want to leave your bed. Believe me, and you are not alone because millions of people in the world feel this way on Monday morning. However, we can’t quit our jobs because we need money to leave. The only way is to boost our mood to return to work and enjoy Monday. 

Coffee happy Monday

That is why you should drink coffee – a legendary beverage for the morning. Its large amount of caffeine will help you focus on work and defeat your sleepiness. Although your Monday is still wrong, you will feel better because you don’t waste your working time. There are many kinds of coffee for you to choose such as Cappuccino, Espresso, Black coffee, iced coffee, Mocha, Latte, Americano, Flat white, Irish coffee, etc. Depending on your taste, you can choose the suitable coffee for you. If you like sweetness, you can try Cappuccino, Mocha, or Latte. On the contrary, if you are a fan of bitterness, Black coffee will be the best candidate.

After drinking your favorite coffee, you will feel energetic, and your Monday will be shorter. You can take advantage of Monday to solve the remaining tasks and prepare for new missions. Most people spend Monday sitting at their desks and surfing Facebook, Tiktok to update news. They only start their working day until the end of the day, about 3 pm. If you have suffered from this situation, you should change it as soon as possible to enhance your productivity.

How Should You Make Coffee For Monday?

As said above, you should drink coffee to keep yourself awake. Therefore, you should prepare your coffee carefully to enhance its effect. If you don’t know how to make coffee at home, you can order coffee at local restaurants or take-away stores. They make coffee very fast at an affordable price. However, these stores only serve certain kinds of coffee, so you should choose simple drinks such as iced coffee black coffee. If you want to add more sugar or milk, you can order from the waiter.

Nevertheless, if you like making coffee at home, you will need to prepare a coffee machine, ingredients, and other devices. Hence, you are recommended to research your to-buy list and estimate the total cost. Depending on your demand, you have to spend a certain amount of money to make sure that you can buy all the essential things. Although making coffee at home is an exciting experience, you should be careful when purchasing related devices because some are expensive. If you are not familiar with devices for coffee making, you should go to forums for coffee fans for recommendations. There are several kinds of coffee machines suitable for your financial capability and demands. However, choosing a second-hand coffee machine is another option, but you should research this market carefully to make sure your selected device is usable.

Multiple coffee cups, milk, beans and ground coffee in jar on wooden background

After buying all the necessary things, you should follow the instructions to make a perfect coffee cup. Most recipes are easy, so you need to make a coffee cup at home. You should add sugar, milk, or ice to make it more flavorful. If you want to make a complex coffee cup, you may need more ingredients.

What Is The Best Moment For Monday Coffee?

You should drink coffee after your breakfast to protect your stomach and reduce the risks of diabetes or heart diseases. Many people drink coffee when their stomachs are empty and meet some digestive problems later. Therefore, you can drink coffee from 9 am – 10 am when your body finishes digesting your breakfast. 

The barista in apron is holding hands hot cappuccino in a white takeaway paper cup

If you prefer drinking your coffee in the afternoon, you shouldn’t take it after 2 pm. The reason is caffeine in coffee can make you can’t sleep at night or lower your sleep quality. Hence, it would be best if you didn’t abuse coffee in the afternoon. Besides, drinking coffee too late also raises the risks of other health issues. 

However, the best time for coffee depends on your age, health, and biological body. You can ask your doctor to adjust this hobby for the best result. Besides, there are many articles about this topic on the Internet; you can read them as references.


Monday is not a relaxing day for all people so you should improve your performance with coffee. Also, it is a chance for you to make coffee at home and become a coffee pro. Drinking coffee is very good for your focused thinking, so it is considered doping. However, it would be best if you were careful in choosing the coffee time because it can cause some severe health problems in the future. Hopefully, you will have a great coffee cup to shorten your Monday. Don’t forget to look forward to the following articles about coffee!