How Much Sugar And Cream To Put In Coffee? Three Types Of Coffee Are Delicious With Sugar And Cream

Coffee has many different types, and each person also likes to choose a delicious flavor for himself. But in a tasteful coffee recipe, perhaps there is no shortage of cream and sugar. How much sugar and cream to put in coffee to get a good taste? Please read with us the article below.

Do You Like To Add Sugar And Cream To Your Coffee?

Sugar and cream is the secret recipe to create a variety of delicious, unique coffee flavors. Some of you like to drink pure coffee or add a little sugar because the strong coffee helps to refresh and alert the spirit. But many want to add sugar and cream to increase the extraordinary richness and deliciousness of the coffee. Besides, combining many different recipes also gives you more exciting experiences. 

To know how much sugar and cream you should put in coffee, first make sure you understand the primary ratio of coffee for a regular cup. You need about 25g of coffee for a standard mug with 330ml and from two to 4 spoons of sugar and 120ml cream. The right amount of cream should be for ¼ a cup of coffee. Sugar is about ⅓ the amount of coffee.

A cup of coffee with sugar and cream

How Should You Add Sugar And Cream To Coffee?

The best way to stir sugar into coffee is to need the coffee to be hot. Starting the sugar will help it dissolve more easily. Cold coffee will make it challenging to do it, affecting the feeling of drinking. The cream is easier to dissolve into coffee, but if you put it when the coffee is too hot, it will melt quickly and lose the natural beauty of the cream. In principle, you need to heat the coffee to stir the sugar, and when the coffee cools, you add more cream to prevent the cream from melting. Besides, you can also stir iced sugar into coffee with a blender, and sugar will be dissolved into coffee more quickly.

How many calories are in cream and sugar?

In general, a cup of 25g coffee has only five calories, but when you put in sugar, it increases more from 2 to 5 calories and about 100-120 calories for cream. It means you consume many calories in a cup of coffee with sugar and cream. You need to consider it if you are on a diet or want to lose weight. And it would help if you took count of all nutrients of the food you have a day.

How Much Sugar And Cream To Put In Coffee?

In the coffee recipe, there will be many different methods of preparation to create tasteful coffee flavors. Here are some other coffee recipes to help you make delicious coffee at home.

Caramel Cream Coffee Is Delicious

If you like caramel, caramel-cream coffee will be an exciting choice. With a quantity of 25g for a cup of coffee, you need to prepare a brewing coffee maker and some tools to make delicious coffee at home.

  • Step 1: Make coffee by filtering 25g of prepared coffee powder. During the brewing process, you should pay attention to rinsing the filter with hot water to prevent the temperature difference before and after pouring the water.
  • Step 2: Continue to put the ingredients, including coffee after brewing, two tablespoons of sugar, vanilla powder, ice cubes, and fresh milk, into the blender until the mixture is visible.
Caramel Cream Coffee
  • Step 3: Pour the mixture into a glass and add 120ml of prepared fresh cream on top of the glass.
  • Step 4: Use prepared caramel to decorate on top to help create attractiveness for this new coffee. In addition to caramel, you can also use other favorite flavors such as chocolate, peach, and blueberry.

Fresh Cream Coffee Is Lovely

Fresh cream is often in smoothies. The sweet and excellent taste of fresh cream makes the drink incredibly attractive. You can use fresh cream to make coffee with a unique, appealing flavor.

Step 1: Make coffee with a filter in the traditional way to get fresh cream coffee.

Step 2: Put sugar, fresh milk, and prepared gas into a spray of fresh cream and cover it tightly. Then shake vigorously to mix the ingredients evenly. In the recipe for fresh cream coffee, you need three tablespoons of sugar and 120ml of cream.

Step 3: Put the crushed ice into the glass and add the filtered coffee. Finally, spray cream on top and use chocolate powder to decorate the surface of this coffee cup.

Coconut Cream Coffee Is Tasteful

Similar to making fresh cream coffee, coconut cream coffee has the added flavor of coconut milk. It gives the drink an unforgettable, ecstatic taste. It makes you want to enjoy this drink over and over again.

  • Step 1: Use the filter to make coffee with 25g of prepared coffee powder. The method is similar to the two methods mentioned above.
  • Step 2: You put the condensed milk, ice cubes, and coconut milk at the same time into the blender and press the button to operate. It will help ground this mixture at high speed until it forms a smooth snow mixture. You need four spoons of sugar and 120ml of cream
  • Step 3: You pour the freshly brewed coffee into the shaker to shake well to help create foam for the coffee. After shaking, pour the coffee into the prepared glass cup.
  • Step 4: Pour the blended mixture in the blender into the coffee cup. Decorate the top of the coffee ice cream with desiccated coconut and chocolate. Thus, you have a delicious and lovely drink.

Above is the recipe and how much sugar and cream to put in the coffee. I hope you find yourself a delicious, attractive flavor with our suggestions. Please visit the website to read more good articles about coffee.