Why Does My Cat Like Coffee? Should I Allow My Cat To Drink Coffee?

Coffee is an excellent drink for millions of people all over the world. Therefore, you shouldn’t doubt its attractiveness. However, you should know something, humans are not the race that loves coffee. Cats love coffee, too. Many people are very shocked to see their cats lick their coffee. If you have a cat and you are wondering, “Why does my cat like coffee?” This article is precisely for you. Maybe you think that drinking coffee is not a big problem with cats, but it is not. 

Why does my cat drink my coffee?

First, you should know that most cats don’t like coffee or its smell, but some like it. Therefore, you should pay attention to your cat’s behavior and have suitable solutions. So back to the question, if you see your cat licking your morning coffee, maybe it is your favorite drink or not. As you know, cats have extremely sensitive noses, and they can smell many things, including coffee. Although most cats show no interest in this beverage, it could be strange and attract your cats to discover what it is. 

Scottish fold cat tasting and trying with nose my morning coffee and a small jug of milk on a blue and white background with dry wild grass shadows

In this case, the coffee smell is similar to other odors such as spices, perfumes, or cleaning liquids. Indeed, you have seen your cats smell these agents. Hence, you don’t need to worry about it too much. However, if your cats love drinking coffee, it will lead to severe consequences if you don’t take action.  

There is still no scientific research on this interest in cats; the only answer to this question is that it depends on each cat. You can’t know whether your cats like or dislike coffee, but you should hope that your cats belong to the hater group. In addition, don’t forget to notice your cat’s reaction to the smell of coffee. If they want to drink it, you have to prevent them as soon as possible because coffee is not a good beverage for your pet. 

What happens if a cat licks coffee?

It could be fine if your pet only licks a little coffee. But if your cat drinks a large amount of this liquid, it will be a big problem. The reason is that coffee can kill a cat because of its caffeine. Caffeine in coffee helps us awake and focus better because our bodies can digest this substance. But cats don’t. They can have caffeine toxicity because their digestive organs can’t take caffeine out of their bodies. With a large amount of caffeine in the body, cats can be sick and die

Many people think decaf coffee could be a better solution. This beverage can lower cats’ health risks, but it still has caffeine in its ingredient list. It means you shouldn’t let your pet drink decaf coffee to prevent any health risks. 

My cat lies on a white table near a cup of tea

What should you do if your cat licks coffee?

Although drinking coffee is a threat to your cat’s health, you shouldn’t worry too much. If you see your cat licking one or two drops of coffee, let’s call your vet for advice. Likely, your vet will tell you to monitor your pet’s health and take it to the veterinary clinic if anything happens. You can search for symptoms of caffeine toxicity and check if your cat meets them or not.

Worse, if your cat takes too much coffee and caffeine toxicity happens, you have to bring it to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible. Don’t try to treat it at home because it can die faster than you think. If you are a responsible cat owner, you have to follow your vet’s instructions. One of the most popular treatments for cats with caffeine toxicity is charcoal. Your vet can make your cat eat charcoal, and it will absorb the caffeine. And your cat will be better soon. 

Even though most cats are still safe after getting caffeine toxicity, you shouldn’t let them approach your coffee pot or cup. After using it, it would be best to clean your coffee pot and your cup to make sure your cats can’t find anything.

Various forums for cat lovers have indicated that milk, milk foam, or whipping cream make coffee more attractive to cats. Many cats love drinking milk, and if you add milk to your coffee, your cat can smell it. Hence, you should notice the amount of milk when making coffee.

What are suitable drinks for your cats?

There are many good drinks for your cats except coffee. Water is the best choice for your cats. If you want to change their menu, you can pour a little milk such as goat milk or almond milk. They are safe for your cat’s health. If your cat has health problems, you should ask your vet for suitable recommendations. They will give you a list of food and beverages for your pet, and you should follow it carefully. 

Coffee spark drinks such as Coke soda are hazardous for cats. It would be best if you kept them in a corner where your cats can’t reach them. If your cat drinks them, you should bring them to a vet to check their health. Each cat species will have a different weight, health, or carrying features. Hence, you should research them carefully to develop a good menu for your cats. 


Coffee is on the list of toxic things for cats. It would be best not to let your cats drink coffee and always pay attention to their behaviors. If your cat is a fan of coffee, it is not dangerous because you can control it. In addition, don’t forget to keep in touch with a vet because he can help you when something terrible happens to your loved cat. Please research more about caffeine toxicity to understand your cats and their threats. Hopefully, this article gives you a sound piece of advice to take care of your cat better. I am wishing you a great time with your cat!