How Much Weight Can A Coffee Table Hold?

As the coffee shop business grows, the competition between the shops also gradually increases. Therefore, it requires the cafe owner to innovate and develop it constantly. Those things include the quality of the drinks, the quality of the service, and the decoration of the cafe. All must create their mark and bring convenience and comfort to customers. In preparing furniture, you also need to consider the individual characteristics of each type, for example, how much weight the coffee table can hold.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coffee Tables?

People love the coffee tables and chairs because of their colorfastness, stability, safety for users, and aesthetics they bring when combined with the restaurant space. However, wooden coffee tables and chairs also have their disadvantages.

Advantages Of The Coffee Table

Very durable, especially pine wood coffee tables and chairs. No one can deny the durability of wooden tables and chairs, and you have used them as furniture for many generations. Wooden tables and chairs are heat-resistant and extremely strong to be confident of the quality during use.

Creative flat lay composition with delicious hot coffee on table

There are many designs because natural wood is easy to process and shape and size as desired. They are solid, ensuring safety for customers and creating a sense of comfort. Wooden furniture is easy to clean and sanitize because it has specialized paint that is quite glossy. Minimize the phenomenon of termites or cracks, warping.

Disadvantages Of A Coffee Table

In addition to the impressive advantages mentioned above, wooden coffee tables and chairs also have limitations that need to pass. The price is higher than the tables and chairs made of other materials. The environment can still affect the wood if it is not correctly processed.

How Much Weight Can A Coffee Table Hold?

If you look outside, you may not know the gravity of a coffee table is also very large. It can hold up to 136kg, equivalent to 150 lbs. The selection of tables and chairs must have a reasonable height and balance each other. To bring comfort to customers. With the size and body of Westerners, you should choose tables and chairs with a distance of no more than 11 inches from each other.

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According to world standards for Europeans, coffee tables and chairs are: With a seat height from 16 inches, the table height is from 30 inches. It will give the person sitting in the most comfortable position. Choose tables and chairs for the shop, but first, you need to review the area of ​​your cafe. 

If your shop has a large area, you should use a fixed style for the shop. If your cafe has ample space, you should choose for your cafe a specific type and note the following:

  • If your shop has a youthful and modern style. You can use unique and comfortable tables such as sofas, wooden frame chairs with seat cushions, and high leg wooden chairs like bars. 
  • Do not abuse too many tables and chairs. It will make the restaurant space uncomfortable, narrow, and secretive.
  • Use a combination of square and rectangular coffee shop tables and chairs with a little larger size. Using it, you can take advantage of the corners of the shop.

Some Styles Of Coffee Tables You May Like

Coffee Table And Chairs With Iron Legs And Wooden Surface

It is an excellent choice because of its convenience and aesthetics for small coffee shops and cafes. Although the area is not large, the interior is not allowed to be sketchy and old because that will be a huge minus point. As a wise investor, you should choose this product to save money and fit the shop’s space.

Modern Coffee Table. Loft style. Loft coffee table. living room with sofa, rack and coffee table

Mexican Style Coffee Table And Chairs

Natural wood materials such as oak, pine, and acacia are careful to resist termites and environmental impacts. Mexican wooden tables and chairs also have many elegant, gentle, and delicate designs for you to choose from

Modern wooden table in the loft interior

Modern And Straightforward Hiroshima Wooden Table And Chairs

It is a model of furniture used prevalent in many coffee shops, and this wooden furniture model focuses on simplicity, modernity, lightness, and neatness. The Hiroshima coffee table and chairs can be used and painted in different colors to match the space and business model.

Round tables with a cast iron leg and rattan chairs lined up outside of a sidewalk cafe in Paris, France

Multi-style Mango Wooden Table And Chairs

Mango wood cafe chair frames are made of rubberwood or oak on request, and the seat can be padded or wooden. Harmonious colors are easy to combine with cafes with different styles, from cozy to luxurious.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – MARCH 28, 2015: Starbucks Cafe interior

Exquisite Katakana Wooden Table And Chairs

The Katakana model is one of the few tables and chairs designed in a contemporary style, and this is a highly delicate combination between natural wood and a mattress. Katakana comes from Japan and exudes modesty, simplicity but no less elegance.

Modern composition of dining room interior with design wooden table, stylish chairs, decoration, teapot, cups, vessel, commode, black mock up poster map and elegant accessories in home decor

Durable Wooden And Metal Coffee Table

This coffee table is a harmonious combination of two materials: natural eucalyptus wood and stainless steel painted metal. Therefore, the product has a modern and luxurious beauty and is durable, withstanding significant weight.

how much weight the coffee table can hold

Besides, before being put on the market, the table has also been carefully treated, waterproof PU paint, anti-termite, mold, and can withstand sunshine, rain, good wind. Even if placed outdoors, the table will be fine after many years. Every year, you need to oil the table to make sure it’s as smooth as new again.

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