The Height Of A Standard Coffee Cup Would Be About

For many people, coffee is indispensable in their daily life. It’s one of those simple, idyllic pleasures to look forward to when starting the day. From the pleasant aroma that permeates the taste of the first sip. But did you know that every type of coffee has its standard cup size? Let’s explore some of the traditional coffee cups the height of a standard coffee cup would be about.

The Height Of A Standard Coffee Cup Would Be About?

Today, there are many coffee cups of all sizes, designs, and materials. Coffee mugs are also kinds of innovative and developed products. Generally, standard coffee cup sizes from 30ml to 295ml are suitable for each one. Some cups can go up to 15 oz or more to satisfy those who want to drink a lot. Below are the standard sizes of some famous and classic coffee drinks.

  • Espresso cup: 60ml
  • Cappuccino cup: 180ml
  • Flat white cup: 160ml
  • Standard mug: 350ml
  • Macchiato cup: 60ml
  • Latte glasses: 220ml
  • Cortado glass: 135ml
  • Irish coffee glass: 250ml
  • Turkish coffee cup: 75ml
The standard sizes of some popular coffee drinks

The height of a standard coffee cup depends on the diameter of the cup. Standard sizes of some cups:

Volume of cups (ml)Height (inches)Bottom diameter (inches)Mouth diameter

 Common Standard Cups Of Popular Drinks

The Height Of Cups For Espresso

A cup of Espresso is also known as a “demitasse,” which means “half a cup” in French. It is the smallest of the coffee cups. Espresso cups are typically 60ml to 88ml, but 103ml and 18ml are also available. The most commonly used is the 60ml type. These cups are to accentuate Espresso’s flavor. This coffee cup is small, narrow at the bottom, and wider at the rim. It helps bring the fragrance closer to your nose and palate. The height of the espresso cup reaches from 2-2.4 inches.

The standard cups for Espresso

Besides, the espresso cup mustn’t be too large because it can cause the crema to spread too thin and quickly fade away. Second, a larger cup will affect the temperature of the Espresso. It will soon cool down by exposure to too much air. And everyone knows that when an espresso goes cold, the crema goes terrible. The cup is essential to keep the taste and quality of a drink. The ideal espresso cup is a white, unadorned, elliptical ceramic mug with a capacity of 50-100ml. We will also often see Macchiatos also served in espresso cups.

 The Height Of Cups For Cappuccino

This type is usually twice the size of an espresso cup, about 147 – 177ml. This cup measures 2.6-2.7 inches in height on average. The Italian cup of Cappuccino is smaller than the standard cup of Cappuccino. But in terms of styling, it’s also narrower at the bottom and wider at the rim. This design is similar to an espresso cup, and it protects the taste and temperature of the coffee.


This dome-shaped coffee cup will also assist with perfect foaming. A cup of Cappuccino requires a matching dish as well. We will also often see American coffee served in cappuccinos as well.

 The Height Of A Flat White Coffee Cup

If served correctly, a flat white is about the same size as a cappuccino. (2.6-2.7 inches) But smaller, shaped like a tulip, narrower at the rim. The size of the flat white coffee cup still retains the outstanding coffee flavor and has a smooth and silky cream texture.


The Height Of Cups For Coffee Latte

The latte can also be served in a large “bowl”-like a cup, usually more significant than a cappuccino, measuring about 3.4 inches in height. It is easier to pour the whipped milk over the Espresso. And also convenient for creating many latte arts, tough ones. However, the Italians served their latte in tall glasses at the beginning of the coffee latte. There’s a reason many Italians use the tall cup for a latte because it shows off the layers of perfection of it.

Lady pouring latte in a mug

 The Height Of Cups For Cortado

Cortado is a reasonably new “face” in the coffee world. Starting from Blue Bottle Café in San Francisco, people use Gibraltar cups to make this drink. The Cortado Cup measures about 2.76 inches tall. Initially, the baristas accidentally mixed cortado cups. But it has been surprisingly successful. Now, it almost appears in the menus of coffee shops worldwide, in the United States, Europe to Japan.

Cortado coffee with coffee beans next to it. Traditional coffee in Spain

The Height Of Cups For Irish Coffee 

This Irish coffee mug is not like any other standard coffee cup. It is made of glass and has a short body, without a handle. About 3.4 inches tall. But later on, there were a few versions with handles. People often mistake this for a glass used to serve brandies. Its transparent glass material allows the drinker to see its beautiful layer of coffee and cream.

Irish coffee in glass on wooden table

The Height Of Cups For Turkish Coffee

This tall cup with a handle for making Turkish coffee measures about 2.1 inches in height. When served, you pour a separate coffee cup called a demitasse cup. Turkish cups are very different from those used for Espresso. 

Coffee cup and saucer on a wooden table

Because of being prepared, Turkish coffee has a much higher temperature than Espresso. Therefore, the cup serving Turkish coffee must be heat-resistant, keeping a stable high temperature. They are made of porcelain and have the right thickness to hold and maintain temperature.

Above are the standard sizes of some types of coffee cups. If you want to learn more about coffee recipes and brewing quantities, visit our website for more exciting information.