What Happens If You Snort Coffee?

Have you ever experienced the pleasure of smelling roasted coffee? It’s one of the most appealing fragrances, and it might even make the inhaler feel more energized. Many others, on the other hand, have a strong desire to snort coffee grounds because they feel it is the fastest method to stay alert.

So, what happens if you snort coffee? Should people snort coffee grounds to feel more awake? If you are curious about the consequences of snorting coffee and the potential adverse effects of this action, you’ve arrived at the correct spot. Now we’ll be discussing the effects of snorting coffee grounds.

When and why did people have the idea of snorting coffee?

Indeed, since the successful TV program ‘Orange Is the New Black’ popularized pranks, inhaling coffee has become a craze. As can be seen from a certain episode, the guards were taken prisoner at the end of the season, and two convicts were tasked with keeping an eye on them. They employ pharmaceutical ways to keep awareness because staying awake for lengthy periods of time is difficult.

what happen if you snort coffee
Coffee beans and coffee powder sniffing lines

Unfortunately, they thought that snorting any energy supplement was the quickest and most comfortable method to see its benefits. While this method might work for isolated substances like cocaine, breathing coffee grounds had a different impact. Indeed, the inmates stayed awake in the end, but only because all of the coffee grounds became caught in their noses, they experienced agonizing suffering.

What Are Some Deceptive Advantages Of Snorting Coffee?

When you’re working on a long-term project or assignment, a cup of coffee sounds like a smart way to remain alert. People in this circumstance have reportedly tended to snort a small number of coffee grounds, according to word-of-mouth stories online.

If insufflation is in the appropriate form, it can help them reach and penetrate the blood-brain barrier more quickly. In fact, many drug users employ insufflation, which is the medical word for snorting, since it is regarded to be the quickest way to transport a chemical across the blood-brain barrier, where it may work its magic swiftly.

Pile of ground or instant coffee and roasted coffee beans seeds

Some substances, such as pure cocaine and ketamine, move up the nose, along and through the mucous membranes, into the circulation, and swiftly pass the blood-brain barrier when breathed. They connect to receptors in the brain, resulting in neurological effects.

It will offer you an energy boost in the short term since the caffeine in the coffee grounds will enter your blood vessels through your nasal passages, allowing the caffeine to reach your brain much faster. This is comparable to how some drugs, such as cocaine, are used to get a faster high.

Snorting will work in these cases as these medications are taken in their purest form, which is considerably simpler for the body to break down, and they are designed to excite the brain. However, coffee grounds are not pure. Coffee’s caffeine component is best extracted using water, which is why we brew it rather than ingest or inhale it.

What Are The Repercussions Of Snorting Coffee Grounds?

When you snort coffee, what happens? If you snort ground coffee, some of the caffeine may escape and enter your bloodstream if it lingers in your nasal canal for long enough. (While the residue won’t dissolve, most individuals will try to blow it away as quickly as possible since it will hurt like hell.) However, this is not a very efficient method of dealing with caffeine. Consider the time and high temperatures necessary to extract caffeine from coffee in the traditional manner; even when coffee is brewed without boiling water, as in the cold brew method, a cup full of caffeine might take hours of slow filtration.

As a result, those snorting coffee grounds may face various unexpected issues. Some visible side effects of snorting coffee grounds are as follows:

–      Vomiting

–      Diarrhea

–      Respiratory diseases

When you snort coffee, caffeine will enter your system providing a short energy boost, but the bad consequences are not worth it. The coffee grounds you just breathed will not entirely disintegrate, and they will become stuck in your nose, causing severe pain. You’re also more prone to acquire an infection if you snort coffee since coffee grounds may go inside the body and cause a lot of vomiting and diarrhea in case you snort it.

Woman sniffing coffee through a straw like a drug addict, selective focus, caffeine addiction concept

To make it worse, when the coffee grinds remain in your nose for an extended period of time, you may get a nasty cough and other respiratory problems.

If you want to snort caffeine, there are more effective methods than inhaling the coffee grounds. Caffeine in its purest form is available (very dangerous and not recommended). Although inhaling coffee provides a rapid surge of energy, the negative effects are far worse than they appear.

There is a more advanced process that can extract a potentially inhaled form of caffeine from coffee, which is taught in some university chemistry classes. The Department of Chemistry and Physics at Indiana State University details a procedure that comprises preparing coffee as normal, extracting the caffeine layer using a liquid other than water – dichloromethane in this case – and drying the fluid until only fine, white crystalline caffeine remains. However, this method requires high expertise and time to carry out so it is just for reference.

Although it is true that breathing pure caffeine might give you a boost of energy, it is also exceedingly harmful. Caffeine is a psychoactive chemical with lethal potential in humans at quantities of 5-10 grams – a level that is simpler to get.


Whatever your motivation, snorting coffee grounds is a poor idea since it will leave you with several unforeseeable effects. Instead, you may enjoy the distinct and appealing flavor of well-prepared roasted coffee beans in cafés or create your own at home.

This article has given you some insights to the question “What happens if you snort coffee?”. In addition, as you can see, the answer to the question, “Can you snort coffee grounds?” or “Should you snort coffee?” is a resounding no. It not only causes more harm than good to your health, but it also leads to a misunderstanding of how to properly enjoy coffee.

I hope the information presented in the preceding post has been helpful in understanding the topic of coffee snorting. To reap the full advantages of this particular bean, healthily drink coffee. Enjoy your coffee, and stay tuned for more posts from me!