What Is In Gibbs Coffee Cup? Let’s See How Delicate NCIS Producers Are With Coffee

Apart from how to make coffee, coffee brands or other knowledge of coffee, I would like to write about coffee in films or games. Although coffee is not the main character in movies, series, or fun, it is still one of the most exciting things that the audience wants to discover more. In particular, with famous series, every detail will be noticed. NCIS is a TV series on the CBS channel. This series is top-rated in the US, and all of its characters are loved by millions of viewers. One of them is Leroy Jethro Gibbs or “Gibbs.” I understand that not all of you have watched this TV series, but after this article, hopefully, you will try and discover why Gibbs’ coffee is a popular topic in many forums. In this series, Gibbs is described as a coffee addict, and he always appears with a cup of coffee. Therefore, many viewers wonder what is in Gibbs’s coffee cup. Do you know what kind of coffee he drinks? If not, please read this article to learn what coffee Gibbs drinks.

Who is Gibbs in the NCIS TV series?

NCIS is a TV series about American police broadcasted on the CBS channel, namely a team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. This series has had 19 seasons with 430 episodes so far. This achievement makes NCIS one of the most successful series in the US. Apart from action scenes, NCIS has many police dramas, making it more emotional. Because of the popularity of NCIS, it is approved to produce more spin-offs such as NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS: Hawaiʻi.

Black coffee

Gibbs’ full name is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He used to work as a sniper in U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper. After that, he became a special agent in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (CNIS). According to the producers, Gibbs is the most skilled team member. Therefore, sometimes he is like a leader when commanding other main characters in many missions. Besides the skills, Gibbs is famous for coffee addiction. He loves drinking coffee so much that he will be frustrated if his coffee is spilled. In particular, if someone drinks his coffee, he can become angry and order a new one. With Gibbs, a coffee cup can replace his breakfast. 

In the 19th season, Gibbs decided to settle down in Alaska after his family’s death. He left NCIS and ended his adventure as a special agent. However, his coffee is still a mystery to many viewers.

What exactly is the kind of coffee Gibbs drinks?

As mentioned above, Gibbs is addicted to coffee, and coffee is permanently attached to his appearance. But what is in his coffee? Many people have discussed it, but there is still no exact answer. People found that Gibbs drinks Starbucks coffee in a movie forum, namely Jamaican blend black coffee. Other people believed that he only drinks black coffee. After researching in many forums, I have realized that the idea of Jamaican blend black coffee was agreed upon, but they are not sure if it is from Starbucks or not. Hence, we can conclude that Gibbs always drinks black coffee.

White mug with roasted coffee beans on black background

Black coffee is an essential coffee that you can order in most restaurants or local cafés. The main ingredient of black coffee is ground coffee from roasted coffee with hot water. Indeed, you can drink black coffee with ice cubes. However, it is not sweet but bitter. Therefore, the ingredients of black coffee are straightforward, but the quality of roasted coffee beans will decide the flavor of the coffee cup. In the NCIS TV series, Gibbs sometimes makes coffee at home and black coffee.

If he drinks Jamaican blend black coffee, it is one of the most famous types of coffee in the world. Jamaican coffee beans are high-quality, and their flavor is unique. According to some people who had chances to taste this coffee, it is sweet, has bright acidity, and is floral. In particular, it lacks bitterness. If you have an opportunity to taste this delicious coffee, please send me your feelings. 

Gibbs’ homemade coffee may be ground coffee with hot water. And it is plain black coffee, so its taste is very familiar to many people. 

A special rule about coffee  of Gibbs

Gibbs is an exceptional agent and a complex character, so he has many things for us to discover. He has 91 rules, and his members should follow them. Noticeably, the 23rd rule is about coffee. The original government is “Never mess with Marine’s coffee if you want to live.” It means you shouldn’t touch his coffee; otherwise, he will be angry and attack you if he can. In the NCIS TV series, if someone drinks or takes his coffee, even by mistake, he will get frustrated very fast.


You will understand how much coffee is important with Gibbs through this rule. Coffee is his best friend and helps him stay focused in daily life or missions. If you are a fan of the NCIS TV series, you can feel clearer Gibbs’ feelings when he drinks coffee. On the contrary, if you have watched this series, you should try it and surely you will love the Gibbs character and his passion for coffee. 


Coffee is a popular beverage worldwide, and it is not surprising that it is shown in a TV series. Hopefully, my article has helped you find a mystery of movie fans about Gibbs’ coffee. You should spend a day reading about the NCIS team and Gibbs and his love for coffee. Although you can’t see all 19 seasons of the NCIS series, I hope you can feel the spirit of Gibbs for coffee. And if you want to know more about coffee and everything related to coffee, don’t forget to look forward to my articles. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your coffee with the NCIS series!