IHOP: Does Offering A Single Type Of Coffee Sound Boring?

Coffee lovers often have a list of their go-to shops that they pay a regular visit to. It’s probably not about the ambiance that place brings, but mostly the quantity of coffee served and its services. 

IHOP has long been one of the favored coffee shops in the USA due to a lot of factors. So, what are they? What kind of coffee does IHOP use? Why is it so popular up to now? Keep reading to uncover these questions. 

An Introduction To IHOP And Its Coffee 

The acronym IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes which has been around for more than 6 decades with nearly 1,900 branches all over America and other countries and continents. 

As its name suggests, this house is established for serving pancakes and other kinds of food. However, its coffee has also received a lot of glowing reviews over the years. 

Since 2019, IHOP has used coffee from Royal Cup Coffee, a long-standing brand of coffee and tea providers. 

Specifically, the Royal Cup was established in 1896 by Henry T.Batterton. For more than 12 decades, this brand has been rooted in its homeland of Birmingham, Alabama. It is said that its name Royal Cup coffee came from the excellent quality of coffee beans that were presumably suitable for royal members only. 

Interestingly, in the beginning, Batterton only sold his beverages on a small horse-drawn wagon. Now that the popularity of this brand has proved how successful and favored it has been throughout the years. Royal Cup Coffee at present has been a major coffee importer, roaster and distributor in the world. 

What Is Special About IHOP Coffee

Although there are controversial opinions about IHOP’s coffee, it is commonly reviewed that its coffee is pretty light, smooth and flavorful. 

However, this might surprise you but IHOP only serves one type of coffee drink, which is IHOP International Roast

Another interesting fact about IHOP’s coffee is that it is made with Arabica beans and blended in a Colombian style, making the taste of its coffee unique and distinctive. When you order coffee there, you can choose either regular coffee or decaf. 

IHOP’s website also informs customers that their coffee contains no calories, sugar and carbs but a bit of sodium. Therefore, drinking coffee in IHOP will not have any effects on your weight, it just gives you a sense of freshness and newness while enjoying your breakfast, lunch or dinner in the house. 

Is IHOP Coffee Good?

As mentioned, ideas diverge when it comes to the quality of coffee at IHOP. However, the Royal Cup Coffee served in these coffee shops has received a lot of rewarding awards over many years. According to the official website of Royal Cup Coffee (royalcupcoffee.com), they have earned a wide range of awards as follows:

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  • Commercial Conservation Award (Alabama Environmental Council – 2016)
  • Outstanding Business (Champions of Sustainability – 2016)
  • Vendor of the Year (Texas Roadhouse – 2013, 2016)
  • Vendor of the Year (Bruegger’s Bagels – 2013)
  • Vendor of the Year (AmericInn Hotels and Suites – 2013)
  • Roar Single Serve Coffee System, Innovation Award Winner, Beverage Category (National Automatic Merchandising Association – 2013)
  • Vendor of the Year (Another Broken Egg Cafe – 2016)
  • North American Tea Championship 2016 (Ibis Moon Mango Breeze – 1st Place in Flavored Tea Category)
  • North American Tea Championship 2016 (Ibis Moon – 1 st Place Unflavored/Unsweetened Tea Category)
  • Vendor of the Year (Sodexo – 2013)
  • H.C. Valentine Given “Award of Excellence” in 4 Product Lines (American Masters of Taste, Chefs in American Awards Foundation – 2012)
  • EspresShip Video, Best Sales Video (National) (American Advertising Federation – 2012)
  • Birmingham Business Hall of Fame (William E. Smith Jr. & Hatton C.V. Smith
  • Kiwanis Club of Birmingham – 2016)
  • Manufacturing Innovation of the Year Award (Pro Food World – 2019)
  • Royal Cup Signature Iced Tea Launch Best Brand Identity Campaign, Best Sales Kit & Best Packaging Campaign (Alabama Advertising Federation – 2019)
  • ROAR Brand Video, Best Video Sales Presentation (Alabama Advertising Federation – 2019)
  • Total Dedication Award – Anthony Slater – National Accounts (Choice Hotels – 2019)

Where Can I Buy Royal Cup Coffee?

With a long-lasting history, Royal Cup Coffee offers two main ways for customers to buy their coffee and tea products. The most traditional method is paying a visit to brick-and-mortar retailers. Their products are always available on the shelves. 

Apart from that, to keep up with the globalized trend, they also provide online platforms for clients to make a purchase.

If you are unfamiliar with how to access the Royal Cup website, take a look at the following instructions:

  • Go to RoyalCupCoffee.com and select the “Shop” option at the top of the page.
  • You will then be sent to a different web platform called Shop.royalcupcoffee.com. You may see all of our coffees, teas, and other drinks that are accessible to home consumers across the United States here.
  • To check out and make purchases, you’ll need to create an account. This may be done either before or after you’ve added items to your shopping basket. From the drop-down option, choose “Create an account.”
  • When you go to “Create an Account,” just click “Open Shop,” fill out the form, and you’re ready to start filling your shopping basket with awesome items!
  • Enjoy! To learn more about the items, simply click on them, add them to your shopping basket, and proceed to the checkout! We’ll get them mailed to you as soon as possible, and you’ll be sipping the best coffee and tea at home every day!

Now they are making great efforts to facilitate the customer’s experience. Moreover, they also offer 24/7 customer service in case someone needs help. 

Is It Expensive To Drink Coffee At IHOP?

It is assumed that IHOP’s coffees are pretty affordable. In particular, IHOP’s flavored coffees start at about $2 for regular coffee and nearly $2.50 for decaf, all of which are available at the reception area. 

Kindly note that the prices can vary based on the market and other related elements. Therefore, check the prices on the IHOP website to know exactly how much it costs for a cup of coffee there. 

Final Thought

IHOP is obviously a place that is worth visiting if you want to enjoy a simple yet delicious cup of joe. Tell me your experience going to this house for a drink or meal. I’ll see you in my next posts.