Do You Know How Much Coffee Is For 60 Cups? Must-know Knowledge for Homemade Coffee Fans

Making coffee at home is an exciting journey for anyone. I love discovering all the functions of my coffee maker and tasting the flavor after brewing. Besides, I also want to try different positions to create perfect coffee because I believe a coffee maker can do better than we thought. However, my most common mistake is not calculating the amount of coffee for the coffee maker exactly. My coffee maker can brew 60 cups of coffee, and sometimes, I put in too much or too little coffee. I am always disappointed and don’t know how to improve it because I don’t know how much coffee for 60 cups. After researching my coffee maker’s instructions, I realized that I could fix it with simple steps. And I will explain this problem in this article to help people in the same situation as me. Now let’s check it out and be ready to make perfect cups of coffee

What Is A 60-Cup Coffee Maker?

As its name suggests, it is a coffee maker that can make 60 cups of coffee. It is a large quantity for a coffee maker, so if you are a coffee addict or your family loves homemade coffee, you should consider buying this machine. 

I have written an article about how to choose a suitable coffee maker for your demands. If you can’t estimate the number of coffee litter every day, you can count the number of cups. All brands have various kinds of coffee pots for customers’ demands. You should consider it carefully before making a decision. However, in this article, I only focus on the 60-cup coffee maker so you can read to understand more about this machine.

how much coffee for 60 cups
Woman making fresh espresso in the coffee maker. the coffee machine makes coffee

How Much Coffee Do I Need For 60 Cups Of Water?

It is a central problem of the article. If you have a 60-cup coffee maker, you should understand that your coffee machine can make many coffee cups. Therefore, if you want to have a good flavor, you should know how to operate your machine because even if your coffee maker is the best, it is only a machine. And you will be the key to creating excellent coffee cups.

With a 60-cup coffee maker, you should put 1 lb of coffee, similar to 0.4 kg. If you don’t have a tool to estimate this amount, you can put 5 cups of ground coffee in your coffee maker. This amount of coffee is suitable for 60 cups of water. However, the amount of coffee can vary depending on each brand. If you want to get the precise number, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s hotline, and they can give you some advice.

how much coffee for 60 cups
The process of making coffee step by step

The brewing time of a 60-cup coffee maker is about 36 minutes. Indeed, you should read the instructions to brew it correctly. For example, if you want to buy a coffee maker from Mr.Coffee brand, you can go to their official website at Also, Mr. Coffee has a professional customer service team, and they are willing to support you and rep your inquiries as soon as possible. 

What About If You Want To Make 50 Cups Of Coffee?

If you have a 50-cup coffee maker, you can take similar steps for the 60-cup coffee maker. With a 50-cup coffee maker, the suitable amount of coffee is around 0.3 kg of coffee or four and ¼ cups of coffee. There is no fixed formula for this amount of coffee, so you need to estimate it with essential tools and taste. A perfect cup of coffee is one that can satisfy your taste. Hence, don’t take the formula too seriously.

coffee maker

In addition, you can apply this method to other kinds of coffee makers. However, if you find difficulties calculating the amount of coffee, you should buy a small coffee maker. There are 2-cup, 4-cup, or 8-cup coffee makers, and you can start with one of them if you are not familiar with preparing homemade coffee. 

Moreover, it would be best not to worry about the brewing time because most coffee makers work automatically. When it finishes brewing, it will alarm you or change the color light to inform you. In short, you don’t need to keep the machine in your eyes all the time. 

What Happens If I Put Too Much Or Too Little Ground Coffee?

It can always happen if you are a newbie. When you make this mistake, your coffee flavor will be bitter. Indeed, it is not delicious, and you must fix it. You should add more hot water, sugar, milk, cream, etc. However, if your coffee is too strong, you can store it in the fridge. You can pour a little coffee and mix it with other ingredients when you want to drink coffee.

Similarly, if you add a little coffee, you can mix it with more coffee, hot water, and other ingredients. Your coffee flavor could be bland, so you shouldn’t drink it alone. Besides, if it is too bad and you can’t make it better, you should start making coffee from scratch.


Here is what I want to share about how much coffee is for 60 cups. I understand we all make mistakes when we start using coffee makers; hence, I hope this article could be a solution to make your journey easier. If you want to share anything about how to use coffee makers, don’t hesitate to comment or contact me via email. Don’t forget to look forward to my following articles about coffee, and I assure you they won’t let you down. Thank you for your reading, and enjoy your coffee with your coffee makers!