How To Empty A BUNN Coffee Maker?

Why do you have to empty your BUNN? 

BUNN coffee maker is one of the best products from this global brand which provides convenience and advanced ability in making your ‘at-home’ coffee taste like a cup from your favorite café. Because of the outstanding benefits this brewer brings about, you might want to have it with you when traveling to other places. However, transporting a coffee mạker with the water inside would harm your machine’s internal technique. Additionally, getting the water out helps the next cups of coffee have the right taste. That’s why you have to get the water out of the equipment before delivering it by any means (even if you use shipping services) or making your new coffee.

How to Empty a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Emptying a BUNN coffee maker is very easy and shouldn’t take much time. Here are the steps to empty a BUNN coffee maker for BUNN users and especially people first time (you should read and follow the steps in the right order): 

Step 1: Unplug the coffee maker

Remember to unplug the brewer to ensure that there would be no electric accident. Furthermore, this step helps cool off the machine before you start the main drain process. 

Step 2: Cool off the hot water tank

To cool off the hot water in the hot tank, you should pour in cold water to flush the hot water out. Close the lid and lay the jug on the warmer tray; waiting for cold water to pull hot water out of the carafe (you are suggested to take this step twice to have the best result). 

Step 3: Drain out the water

After flushing the internal tank with two full cold crafts of water, you may begin the emptying procedure. The first thing is to remove the spray head and the brew funnel and keep them aside. Bring the coffee maker to the sink, hold the back, and turn it upside down until water pours out of the spray head tube opening. The majority of the water flows through the spray head tube, while some may go through the top lid. Pour the water out until there is no more. 

Step 4: Reassemble all parts

The water is now drained, the following step is to reassemble the components that were separated during the draining process. It is essential that you take note of how the parts appear and what goes into what as you remove them. This is particularly crucial for first-time users who are inexperienced with the Bunn coffee maker. You can twist the spray head in the clockwise direction and insert the brew funnel to finish the entire process. Do this step carefully to make sure you do not force anything too hard, you might damage the parts of the coffee maker if you get them back in incorrectly. 

The following steps can be taken easily and quickly in just a few minutes, but it is also very necessary to do this carefully to make sure it will not run into electric or technical errors while you are doing this.

How to delime a commercial BUNN coffee maker?

Do not forget to give your brewer a deep cleaning every 3 months to maintain its lifetime as long as you expect. The frequency of deliming is determined by the mineral content of your water. A gentle cleaning of the internal system of your BUNN brewer will help remove any deposits that may have accumulated due to impurities in the water source. 

Here is a method to clean the BUNN coffee maker or any other kind of coffee maker using vinegar. The items needed are 4 cups of vinegar, and a toothpick. 

Pouring White Wine Vinegar in a Measuring Cup

Step 1: Disconnect the machine and unplug it.

Step 2: Pour vinegar into the brewer which goes down into your water tank. The water will be pushed out and flushed. Wait 2 hours for the vinegar to work. 

Step 3: After 2 hours, remove your spray head to clean (do not take this step earlier, it might be hot). You can look inside to see if there are any mineral deposits in the spray head then clean it with a prepared toothpick and dish soap. 

Step 4: Put the brew funnel in place and fill the water tank with plain water to pour this into the top. 

Step 5: Put the empty brew funnel in place and close the lid. (allow the fresh cold water to run through the brewer and begin to push vinegar out of the brewer). You are going to get a lot of vinegar and you are suggested to do this process 4 times until you don’t smell the vinegar anymore. While you’re doing this there might be some flakes or hard deposits that build up inside the machine, go ahead and dump them out.

Toothpicks on wooden table for background, (close up)

Step 6: Replace your spray head, put your brew funnel back in place and plug in as well as turn on your machine. Wait 15 minutes until the water gets hot and your BUNN coffee maker is ready to work. 

Emptying a BUNN coffee maker before transportation and delime it periodically is very important to prolong the internal machine while using it. These steps are recommended by the official BUNN channel and totally safe to do if you follow the instructions step by step carefully.