Are The Customers Served Sugar-free Syrup When They Come To Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons, generally known as Tim’s or Timmies, is a worldwide Canadian fast food restaurant franchise. Tim Hortons, based in Toronto, serves coffee, doughnuts, and other fast food products. As of March 2, 2022, it is Canada’s biggest quick-service restaurant brand, with 4,949 branches in 15 countries. This brand has attracted and given coffee lovers with their good-tasting, fresh coffee, and excellent service.

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As this brand is famous for its good quality, consumers pose a question about one of the most typical ingredients that are often used in beverages: syrup. Does Tim Hortons use the syrup in the products? If yes, is it sugar-free or not? Let’s find out more about the syrup added to Tim Hortons drinks.

What kind of syrup does Tim Hortons use? 

Currently, Tim Hortons offers customers some options of sweet syrups: chocolate, vanilla, and caramel and the kind of syrup that they use is Torani Puremade Maple syrup

This syrup is said to bring the strong flavor of pure maple syrup without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and guarantees to serve non-GMO. It is best suited for flavoring lattes, cold brews, and frozen blended beverages without compromise. The ingredients needed to make this syrup are pure cane sugar, water, natural flavors, and citric acid. According to the nutritional information in each serving (750ml), the total sugar volume contained is 20g, accounting for 39% of the daily value. 

Therefore, Torani Puremade Maple syrup is not sugar-free because it is made with pure cane sugar. However, this syrup has gained fame due to its amazing taste when added to coffee. Not only does Tim Hortons use this type, but other coffee restaurants also regard it as a good choice for their items. 

Is syrup healthy?

Syrups are used as a sweetener for all sorts of beverages enhancing the taste. They may be found in anything from coffee and homemade sodas to cocktails and non-alcohol blended beverages. In fact, even if the label says the product is sugar-free, it indicates that the product contains no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols. This does not ensure that the product is sugar-free because it would involve natural sugar from the ingredients. 

However, customers might not be aware of the ingredients contained in these syrups. Several side effects are proven to be in syrups since these syrups use a preservative. Starbucks’ vanilla sugar-free syrup, for instance, includes maltodextrin, an artificial sweetener. Maltodextrin has several negative effects, such as harmful blood sugar rises, unexplained weight gain, bloating, and flatulence.

As a result, the answer to the question, of whether the syrup is healthy or not, would be “No”. You must entirely consider a variety of factors related to your health before buying any food and drinks containing syrup. 

Does Tim Hortons have sugar-free iced coffee?

If you want to purchase something like iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup, Tim Hortons is not the right place for you.

The official Tim Hortons Twitter account replied to the user about their change in the beverage recipes: “We have discontinued our flavor shots. These were unsweetened concentrated flavors, we have replaced them with sweet syrups offered in chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. Thank you.” 

So this brand used to have unsweetened coffee in their menu items such as ice cream coffee, vanilla flavor shot, and hazelnut shot,… However, currently, there are no items regarded as sugar-free at Tim Hortons‘s coffee chains. Many loyal customers of Tim Hortons showed disagreement with this new announcement because according to these people, sugar-free drinks that are served here give them a more moderate sweetness and natural flavor than updated drinks. Furthermore, they have a fear that more health risks would be posed since they consume the new drinks that include sugar syrups.

In the USA, according to their website and February 2015 ingredient list, iced coffee is ice, coffee, and whatever you want to be added (milk, cream, syrup…). In each cup of iced coffee served by Tin Hortons, the sugar amount measured is 8g, 13g, and 21g due to different sizes which are small, medium, and large respectively.  

Thus, asking for sugar-free iced coffee in Tim Hortons is impossible. 

What is the healthiest sugar-free coffee syrup?

Sugar-free coffee syrups are a great way to add more flavor to your favorite drink without adding calories.

As mentioned, the sugar-free syrup is not sugar-free therefore, of course, it is not calorie-free and still causes weight gain. If you still want to purchase sugar-free syrup, here is the list of the best ones in terms of quality: 

  • Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Classic Syrup Sampler
  • DaVinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Syrup
  • Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
  • Wholesome Yum Keto Coffee Syrup

These syrups are advertised so that there aren’t any preservatives or other additives that might be harmful to you.

Artificial sweeteners like syrup are not the healthier substitute for your food and drink, but at least it is better than when you use liquid cane sugar or granulated sugar. You should look for organic options instead, such as fruits or vegetables.

Final thought

We know that Torani Puremade Maple Syrup is the syrup used in Tim Hortons items menu. However when you come to Tim Hortons in order to try healthy sugar-free items, fortunately, any sugar-free beverage cannot be served. They used to have sugar-free shots but at present, sweetened drinks have been in the lead and become the official taste of Tim Hortons.