Breville Barista Express No Water Coming Out And How Fix It

There are two main reasons why water won’t come out of an espresso machine: a faulty valve or a clogged valve. When we opened our inbox to answer questions about espresso machines, most of the questions we received were about the Breville barista expressing no water coming out. The best way to figure out what’s wrong with your coffee machine is to run through your memory and remember any abnormalities before the water stops. It could be a slow or low flow of water from the coffee machine, or a strange noise coming from the water valve.

When you find your coffee machine is not leaking water, there are a few things you need to do to fix the problem:

  • Check the water supply to the espresso machine
  • Check the water line from the machine to the filter
  • Check that all valves are turned on

To know the reason why the espresso machine is not flowing, you first need to know how the coffee machine works. Most espresso machines today are installed with a solenoid valve to make it easier to control the water flowing through the brew head than older valves. When you use it correctly, the valve will open. Therefore, with a valve in normal operation, you will hear a click after pressing the brew button on the machine. If you don’t hear this sound, your valve is stuck closed or damaged and needs to be replaced.

In addition, objects trapped inside can also be the cause of water not flowing out of the coffee machine. There are many pipes in the coffee machine, they are equipped to be able to measure the speed of water flowing inside and control the balance. During use, these faucets can become clogged, making it impossible for water to flow through. This is pretty obvious. No matter how good a coffee machine’s water filtration system is, debris and long-term buildup will still hinder water flow. That’s why you should periodically check your espresso machine to detect and narrow down blockages. Especially change the valve when there is damage.

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How Do You Unclog An Espresso Machine?

The espresso machine’s espresso process requires a water tank, filter, steam nozzle, and hot water, and then uses steam to create milk foam, especially with dishes like cappuccino.

Usually, espresso machines work well because of regular care and maintenance. However, if the pipe is blocked or the valve is damaged, you will need to clean it thoroughly, remove the blockage, or replace it with a new part.

It is best to clean the device after each use to avoid the accumulation of dirt in the long run. However, if your espresso machine has problems you need to unclog properly to fix it.

Ways you can do to unclog your espresso machine

Way 1: Water does not come out of the espresso machine

If your espresso machine is clogged with water, you need to first open the filter holder and empty the filter. Then, take out the filter basket and wash it thoroughly. Put it back where it was. Loosen the screw securing the steam valve and then pull the steam valve down to remove the cloth. Wash the cloth clean and dry. Wipe down the espresso machine with a warm towel.

Way 2: Use steam cycle

This is a useful feature that makes the design an effective solution to coffee machine blockages. Since it is a mechanism installed in the machine, you just need to fill the cup with water and let the plant infuse the steam inside. Then turn the knob to “Steam” and let it bubble for a few seconds. When the nozzle emits steam, you put it into the pipe to use the steam to remove the blocked areas. When you’re done, slide the hose back to the steam valve and tighten it.

Way 3: Clean the filter

Clean the filter by removing the waste unit from the machine and holding the coffee maker handle. Then press the release button and take the incubator out. Clean the filter with warm water to remove the coffee grounds inside. Finally, put it back in place.

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Why Is My Breville Coffee Maker Not Working?

If your Breville coffee maker isn’t working, there’s a good chance this coffee maker has problems like a blockage or the wrong grind setting.

To overcome this situation, you need to consider which problem you belong to and take action to correct the cause.

Pipeline blockage

This problem is often caused by the user forgetting to cover the machine periodically, leading to the solenoid valve being turned off and causing it to malfunction. Depending on the purpose of using the Breville coffee machine, you need to have a suitable adjustment in the intensity of periodic cleaning of the coffee machine. You should take the following steps:

– Disconnect from the machine power and remove the housing from the filter

– Use specialized detergents to clean and clean the machine

– Put the portafilter into the brew group and press the 2 cup button.

After these steps, about 20-30 seconds later, the shutdown machine stops working.

After completing the cleaning process, you can check if it is clean. If not, repeat the process several times without adding any detergent.

It is important to know whether the Breville coffee machine is clean before the next use of coffee.

Grind setting is wrong

When the Breville coffee maker doesn’t work, it’s probably because the grind setting is too fine or there’s too much coffee in the basket. Solving this problem is quite simple, you just need to adjust the dose and size of ground coffee.

  • Grind size.

There are 16 grind size levels from 1 (very fine) to 16 (very coarse). You should choose a grind size of 5 and make more appropriate adjustments afterward if you wish. Ground coffee should not be too fine as it will make the espresso powdery.

  • Amount of grind

You should pay attention to the position of the knob in front of the machine to adjust the appropriate amount of grinding, avoiding too much or too little. The adjustment mechanism is to rotate the knob counterclockwise to decrease and clockwise to increase the amount of grinding.

If you don’t know the right amount of grind, you can use it to test, the results will answer you

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How Do You Unclog A Breville Coffee Grinder?

How to unclog the Breville coffee grinder:

Step 1: Unplug the cord from the outlet before cleaning.

Step 2: Remove the parts of the Breville coffee grinder according to the instructions for use. Pay attention to pulling out from the left side of the coffee grinder the construction container for cleaning.

Step 3: Wash all parts of the coffee grinder by hand in warm soapy water. You should use a soft cloth or sponge.

Step 4: Wipe the outer edge, hopper, hopper lid, ground coffee container, lid, rack, grind tray, and top container. Let dry completely.

Step 5: Wipe the outside of the machine with a soft damp cloth and dry it with a clean dry cloth