How To Change The Color Of Hydrangeas With Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are a waste product, but they are a nutrient-rich waste product. People use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for plants because they are rich in nitrogen and highly acidic. Using coffee grounds is also a way to help improve the pH of the soil, leading to changes in the texture and color of the plants. As we all know, hydrangea is a flower that can change color based on the pH of the soil, so coffee grounds will be a suitable choice for you to get the color you want. So how to change the color of hydrangeas with coffee grounds?

Do Coffee Grounds Change The Color Of Hydrangeas? 

Hydrangea Meigetsuin (Hydrangea Temple) Kamakura JAPAN

Hydrangeas are very special plants, mentioned in the book Plant Abiotic Stress written by Matthew M Conley who is the Lead Phenotyping Technician at the University of Arizona, they can live on acidic, neutral, or calcareous soil and also change color depending on the pH of the soil. They are woody plants, the flowers can turn blue, pink, or other colors, creating a uniqueness that only it has. So how do hydrangeas have the colors we want?

To have white hydrangeas, you need to choose neutral soil, with a pH=7. And remember, this color change only works during one flowering season, the next season the soil quality may change and they will not be able to keep the same color as the previous season.

Next, if you want your hydrangea bushes to be blue, plant them in acidic soil with a pH of < 5. To do this, you can add a little coffee grounds or vinegar to the soil. . With such acidic soil, you will have a beautiful garden of blue hydrangeas.

If you love red hydrangeas, alkaline soil will be a suitable choice. Soil should have a pH in the range =< 7.5 for the best effect and color accuracy. You can add calcium carbonate or lime to make the green flowers turn red, or add a little more potassium for the same effect.

It is good to put coffee grounds around hydrangeas  

Coffee ground, the Coffee residue is applied to the tree and is a natural fertilizer

Coffee grounds are used as a fertilizer to help improve the soil. It may not be suitable for all plants, but hydrangeas certainly love this fertilizer. Coffee grounds are just a waste product, but they are rich in nitrogen and high in acids, according to a study by the Department of Chemical Engineering, and this is very beneficial for changing the color of hydrangeas.

Not only that, but coffee grounds are also very good for the growth of hydrangeas in general, namely stems, leaves, and roots. It also helps to keep the soil moist, thereby creating suitable living conditions for earthworms, and improving the quality of the soil in your garden. So, the use of coffee grounds will definitely bring efficiency to your hydrangea garden, it is also very easy to find at a cheap price.

How often should you put coffee grounds on hydrangeas? 

Landscape with flowering white hydrangea bushes, green grass, and deciduous trees in the summer botanical garden

Using coffee grounds at the same time you want to add compost to your hydrangea garden is the best option. So make them part of your compost. Actually, you can also fertilize them separately but this can be unsightly.

The best time to apply coffee grounds to hydrangeas is in the spring, the season when plants are easy to grow, or you can also fertilize them in the summer. And note that, you should only fertilize 2 to 3 times a year to keep your flower garden at its best. Too much fertilizer will lead to an imbalance in the soil environment. Coffee grounds contain a lot of nitrogen, adding too much coffee grounds will cause excess nitrogen, attract pests and make it difficult for plants to grow.

Some tips for using coffee grounds on your hydrangeas

Coffee grounds are certainly a great fit for your hydrangea garden, however, it would be sloppy if you simply poured them onto the base of your hydrangea without doing any research. soil quality and crop quality. So here are a few tips you can use every time you use coffee grounds for your garden.

The first tip, be aware of the type of hydrangea you grow. Not all types of hydrangea are suitable for using coffee grounds, nor is the dose of coffee grounds applied. If you want your hydrangeas to have a vibrant blue color, coffee grounds will definitely be a good choice. If you simply want it to have a pure white color, it is best not to use coffee grounds to add to the soil.

Next, choose the right coffee to get the best quality coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are acidic, so it changes the acidity present in your soil. It is best to choose a mildly acidic coffee and fertilize the soil regularly so that your hydrangeas bring out the best color as well as improve the soil environment, making the plant grow better.

Does Epsom salt change the color of hydrangeas?

Epsom salt in a hand with gloves

It is difficult to say for sure whether Epsom salt will cause hydrangeas to change color, but one thing is for sure, it will make the plant grow well as well as stimulate bloom. Use only a few tablespoons per application for the best results for your hydrangea bushes.