Is Iced Coffee at IHOP Coming Back or Not?

The IHOP restaurant chain is a famous restaurant chain in the US. This place will serve you delicious breakfasts at an affordable price. Besides, few people know that coffee at IHOP is also a beverage with excellent service quality and a unique taste for those who have ever enjoyed it. And with such high quality, does IHOP have iced coffee?

Do you know about IHOP?  

This restaurant chain was founded by Al Lapin Jr. in about 1958 with the name International House of Pancakes (IHOP). And perhaps few people know that the owner of this breakfast restaurant chain previously had a passion for coffee. He used to work in the coffee industry when he founded a coffee delivery service in the US. Although not for a long time, that is also the reason why he always gives coffee great interest. Perhaps that is also the reason that the coffee drinks at IHOP are of such good quality.

IHOP and Royal Cup Coffee – A Great Combination 

Customers always wonder what kind of coffee IHOP uses to bring out the unique taste and deliciousness to keep them engaged. The main answer is coffee from Royal Cup Coffee. IHOP and Royal Cup Coffee have been cooperating with each other since 2011, and it can be said that this is a great combination. IHOP is just a restaurant chain famous for serving breakfast but bringing delicious cups of coffee to diners, thanks to Royal Cup Coffee.

The name Royal Cup Coffee was coined because the coffee here is considered as delicious as the coffee served by the royal family. However, it is not because of the good quality that their prices become expensive. Royal Cup Coffee is said to be quite affordable compared to the quality of the coffee they bring. All these advantages have helped this coffee company receive many awards up to now.

Is Iced Coffee at IHOP Coming Back or Not? 

Some time ago, in 2019, IHOP decided to stop serving iced coffee for a few objective reasons. Part of the reason is that during the time of the covid 19 pandemic, transportation, as well as the consumption of materials to make some dishes and drinks at this chain of stores, encountered some difficulties. certain difficulties, so menu reduction is unavoidable. In addition, in order to avoid large gatherings, most restaurants choose to deliver or buy food to ensure social distancing during the epidemic season. This makes it difficult for iced coffee to retain its original taste during the time it is shipped. With what IHOP brings to customers, they choose to ensure the quality of the dishes instead of still serving them.

However, for diners who love iced coffee, the good news for them is that IHOP has brought this beverage back in 2022 when the epidemic has subsided. Moreover, they also have a big change in the way of serving, which is serving iced coffees all year round instead of serving only a fixed season as before. This makes fans of iced coffee really excited.

What iced coffee does IHOP serve?

Coffee at IHOP is always diverse with the typical flavors of each type of coffee. This chain of stores uses a variety of coffee beans such as Arabica, Robusta, or even Brazilian. Depending on the type of bean will be used for different types of coffee drinks. This brings perfection and fullness to the taste of diners.

Here are a few types of coffee that diners often choose when coming to the IHOP restaurant chain.

Iced Cold Brew Coffee – Must choice for the iced coffee lover

Decaf Coffee 

French Vanilla Coffee – Perfect with vanilla flavor and ingredients made entirely from Arabica beans

Strawberry Kiwi Coffee – With the ingredients of Robusta coffee beans combined with the flavors of fruits to bring an interesting experience to diners 

What makes IHOP iced coffee special? 

IHOP always gives customers good experiences in terms of both food and drink quality and service quality. That is the reason why this restaurant chain is popular throughout the United States and can compete with a series of other famous brands.

There is a very special point compared to other restaurant chains in the US, and this is what attracts customers to IHOP. At IHOP, there are some drinks that you can get unlimited refills such as hot cocoa, latte, and among them, iced coffee, the hottest drink for diners.

IHOP staff will refill your coffee as many times as you want without any extra charge. This also means that you can drink up to 10 cups of coffee for only 3 to 4 dollars. For those who love iced coffee, this place is truly a paradise.

In short, IHOP is an ideal place when you both want to enjoy breakfast and have the best quality coffee, besides the excellent service quality that the restaurant chain brings to the experience of diners.