3 Way Easy Get Free Coffee From Dunkin Donuts

Several coffee franchises or restaurants are famous for their drinks and foods and they all are chasing one more goal which is also a crucial promotion scheme – service and sale. 

Dunkin Donuts is one of the big prestigious coffee restaurants among many others and their strategy to maintain the customer’s interest is operating special days for free drinks. 

For people who want to know the way to get free drinks as well as enjoy benefits from Dunkin Donuts, this article will help a lot. And now, this is how to get a free coffee from Dunkin Donuts!

3 Way Get Free Coffee From Dunkin Donuts

National Coffee Day

Sipping a cup of coffee from Dunkin is such a muse in a long day of work. It would be more exciting if we can have these cups of coffee for free on some special days. So what days does free coffee “work”?

On September 29, the U.S and Canada mark National Coffee Day to highlight the beverage’s lengthy and distinctive tradition. The day, which was initially observed in Japan in 1983, is now observed everywhere to support fair-trade coffee and bring attention to the situation of coffee growers.

On this day, not only Dunkin Donuts but also numerous coffee chains give away their coffee to loyalty members or DD Perks members. Guests can celebrate the day with Dunkin’s Original Blend (hot or iced), Dunkin’ Midnight hot coffee, or Dunkin’ Decaf.

Dunkin’ Original Blend renowned medium roast coffee, which is balanced and smooth and is available hot or iced. The darkest roast yet from Dunkin’ is Dunkin’ Midnight with overtones of luscious cocoa, Dunkin’ Midnight is a hot coffee with a rich, smooth, full-bodied taste. Dunkin’ Decaf offers the same silky taste as our Original Blend.

Free Coffee Mondays

As part of our Free Coffee Mondays promotion, DD Perks® members may receive a free medium hot coffee at Dunkin’ every Monday in February 2021 with any purchase. DD Perks members can simply Order Ahead on the Dunkin’ App or have their loyalty ID QR code scanned before purchasing to take advantage of Free Coffee Mondays

Find a new favorite with one of the freshly released hot or iced coffee alternatives, such as Explorer Batch, a medium roast with dark berry flavors and a smokey finish, or Dunkin’ Midnight, the darkest roast ever with undertones of delicious cocoa.

On your birthday

If you are not a DD Perks member, it’s time to sign up and become a loyalty member, enjoying several sale promotion programs and benefits from Dunkin Donuts occasionally. Getting a free coffee on your birthday is also a part of the benefits you can get once you are a DD Perks member.  

A way to get free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts 

As mentioned above, you can get a serving of iced coffee on Free Coffee Monday for each purchase. Moreover, there was a limited-time program for DD Perks to get a free cup of iced coffee every Wednesday from April 27 on August 10, 2022. 

However, this was only effective if you made your order through the app in a limited time frame and not every location applied this program to their customers. 

How to redeem a free Dunkin Donuts drink?

The very first thing you need to do is have a Dunkin Donuts App on your smartphone because everything related to redeeming drinks is undertaken on the app. 

According to Dunkin’ Rewards Terms and Conditions, members may use the Dunkin’ App to redeem their rewards, either in-store by scanning the QR code at the register to redeem in-store or online before completing a mobile order.

Besides, Dunkin’s Twitter account once tweeted “If you’re a DD Perks Member and have your birthday listed on your account profile, you do get a free birthday drink to redeem“. Therefore, make sure you have completed all of the necessary information on your profile to get the refund whenever you need it. 

Does Dunkin give free coffee on Coffee Day?

Some of you might’ve heard about Coffee Day since there are so many people talking about it and you just suddenly hear by. To clarify once again, Coffee Day, in fact, is National Coffee Day in which several coffee businesses offer free coffee to the customers as mentioned above.

So the answer is definitely Yes, it does. Dunkin Donuts is also a coffee chain involved in this special day, giving away their coffee along with other big brands like Starbucks, Mc Cafe, and Tim Hortons… 

Final thoughts

Dunkin Donuts, with their smart strategy of promotion as well as excellent service, has given customers chances to benefit. The most typical is offering free drinks within a wide range of options for their loyalty members. DD Perks members may have several occasions during a year or even a month to get free drinks, especially coffee. 

Therefore, if you start to have an interest in Dunkin Donuts, do not be hesitant to sign up for DD Perks and enjoy these special coffee days!