Coffee Grounds And 3 Useful Tips Uses for Life

Coffee is a trendy drink for many people around the world. People often use them in breakfasts, meetings, or even when they are not in a good mood. However, after finishing a cup of coffee, people usually throw away the grounds without knowing that they have many uses. So how do you dispose of coffee grounds?

For women, coffee grounds have deodorizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and beautifying properties. Not only that, but coffee grounds also have beneficial uses for life. So, keep the grounds when you finish making coffee because it can help a lot.

The effects that coffee grounds bring in beauty 

Young woman hand applying coffee grounds scrub massaging cosmetic skincare

The first effect on the skin is to help remove dead cells. Dead skin cells are the leading cause of dark spots on the skin. People often use creams specifically designed for exfoliation, but these products most often contain chemicals and may not be suitable for your skin. Instead, you can eliminate those worries by using coffee grounds. Using coffee grounds to wash your face can both wash your face and exfoliate dead cells, even reduce dark spots, and whiten and improve your skin.

Coffee grounds are the texture of hundreds of tiny particles, which help to remove layers of dead cells and dirt on the face. Coffee grounds used to wash your face will help brighten your skin and also make it easier for your skin to absorb nutrients from other creams. For best results, mix coffee grounds with olive oil, and coconut oil, then gently apply the mixture on your face to remove dead cells, making the skin brighter and more even.

Another effect of coffee grounds on your skin is that they help treat dark circles under the eyes. These dark circles make you look haggard and lackluster, which also makes you more self-conscious. Try using coffee grounds to reduce or even eliminate dark spots. As research from Indiana University, Robert F. Chapman says that the reason this waste product works is that it contains caffeine and it is an excellent substance in stimulating blood circulation and anti-inflammatory. If used correctly and regularly, the dark circles under your eyes will be significantly reduced.

The eyes are an area of ​​the skin that is very susceptible to irritation if the treatment is not appropriate. So coffee grounds will be the ideal choice for you to erase wrinkles caused by insomnia or staying up late. You should apply coffee grounds on the dark circles for about 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water to achieve the best effect.

Coffee grounds are also very effective in treating stretch marks in women. After giving birth or growing too quickly, it will cause your skin to crack, causing poor aesthetics and loss of confidence. Don’t worry too much because coffee grounds are considered an effective product in the treatment of stretch marks caused by pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Research by Mayuree Kanlayavattanaku who work at the School of Cosmetic Science says, the collagen secreted from the coffee grounds will provide resistance nutrients to the body and even out the skin tone, creating elasticity for the skin, and overcoming the condition of cracks.

Coffee grounds are good for plants 

Coffee ground, the Coffee residue is applied to the tree and is a natural fertilizer

If you are looking for an organic fertilizer that is both good for plants and good for the environment, coffee grounds are a great choice. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology has released a study of Chen-Hao Wang proving that coffee grounds contain a lot of nutrients beneficial to plants such as nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium. Moreover, it is also an easy-to-find fertilizer with a low price, helping you save money on plant care.

Coffee grounds are suitable for use on acidic soil-loving plants such as roses, carrots, cabbage, or blueberries. They will bring unexpected effects on your plant growth.

How to use coffee grounds to fertilize plants is very simple. The first way, you take coffee grounds mixed with water and dry them under average temperature for 2 to 3 days. After that time, the coffee grounds will turn into liquid fertilizer. You can use this fertilizer to sprinkle on the base of the plant and then water it as usual.

Another way is that you can also mix coffee grounds into alkaline soil to neutralize the alkaline content in it, stimulating the growth of earthworms, and making the soil more porous.

Fun fact – Coffee grounds are recycled into cups

This may sound odd, but Berlin-based startup Kaffeeform has actually created a technology that turns coffee grounds into drinking cups.

Julian Lechner, the creator of eco-friendly mugs, came up with the idea when he was still a design student. Because of the excessive use of coffee, he came up with the idea of ​​​​using coffee grounds to recycle cups. He dries the coffee grounds, packs them, and then mixes them with bio-polymers to create a porous plastic that can be shaped like clay, resulting in beautiful and environmentally safe cups.

Cups that are recycled from coffee grounds can enhance the taste of coffee because they are reused from fresh coffee, giving it a special aroma. When using this cup to drink coffee, the aroma will blend and elevate the flavor to a new level.

Bottom line

Coffee grounds bring uses that few people know about in life. Instead of treating them as waste and throwing them away wastefully, use them rationally, save costs and bring many uses to life.