How You Eat Biscotti? Is It Supposed To Be The Kind Of Cookie That Goes Best With Coffee?

Many coffee lovers around the world have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Each person will make coffee in their own way, based on how they like it. Some people like their coffee plain, with no sugar, milk, or cream added, while others like to add a little bit. Some people are also fond of enjoying some cookies with their coffee to provoke their appetite.

The interesting thing is that people tend to eat low-calorie or sugar-free cookies with their coffee. Biscotti is a notable example that a lot of people talk about. Still, many people don’t know what kind of cake this is, how do you eat biscotti? or if this cake can be dipped in coffee. Please read all the way to the end of this article as it is going to inform you of loads of interesting information.

What Is Biscotti And Where Did It First Come From?

Biscotti were first made in Italy in the 18th century. This cake is still adored by a lot of people because it is healthy, easy to make, and stays fresh for a long time.

The word “biscotti” comes from the way the cookies are made. In Italian, “biscotti” means “baked twice”. Even though the cookie looks like thick slices of dry bread, its taste has won over many people. When you eat biscotti, you will be amazed by the crunchy, fragrant, and fatty taste of the nuts and dried jam in the cookie.

Also, biscotti is easy to preserve. All you have to do is store it in an airtight container, keep it in a cool place, and eat it before the expiration date. Notably, since the cookie is dry, it doesn’t need any preservatives, which gives you more peace of mind when you use it.

Italian cranberry almond biscotti and a cup of coffee in the background

Other countries have their own versions of this cookie, such as the Dutch rusk, the French biscotti, and the German zwieback. The sailors’ biscuit, which is also called “hardtack,” was probably the first version of the biscotti. They are the perfect food for sailors who spend months at sea on long ocean voyages. These biscuits are baked for a long time to get rid of all the moisture. This makes them like crackers that are resistant to mold.

Christopher Columbus’s favorite food on his famous 15th-century ocean voyage was biscotti. Historians think the first Italian biscotti were baked in Tuscany in the 13th century (Central Italy) in a city called Prato.

Thomas Dawson’s 1596 cookbook, Goode Huswife’s Jewel, had a recipe for biscuits that were similar to biscotti. This is a recipe for oven-dried biscotti made with almonds, which is very similar to biscotti made today.

What Is Biscotti Made Of, And What Are They Used For?

If you are on a diet or don’t like sweets, you might be afraid of many certain kinds of cookies. But biscotti are different. They are a type of cookie that has very little butter and a lot of dried fruits and nuts that are good for you. This makes the cookie not only delicious but also very healthy. Biscotti are made with only flour, dried fruit, dried seeds, baking powder, and butter.

Biscotti have different amounts of calories and nutrients depending on the recipe and what goes into the cookie. Usually, 100g of whole-grain biscotti will have between 360 and 450 calories. In addition, the cake has 48.32g Carb, 13.82g of Fat, and 17.5g of Protein.

homemade Italian biscotti full of almonds, raisins, and pistachio. In Turkey, it calls “Thessaloniki biscuit”

Biscotti is well-known because it contains many healthy things for the body, like fiber and some vitamins. Most notably, biscotti also has good fats from nuts and calcium, which are very beneficial for bones. The cookie is a great mix of many healthy ingredients that help with health problems like lowering cholesterol, protecting the heart, preventing heart attacks and strokes, improving the digestive system, and helping with weight loss. It is also an interesting snack for the afternoon.

How Should I Eat Biscotti?

Biscotti is a type of easy-to-eat cookie. However, many people still wonder if you can eat this cake alone or if it needs something else to go with it. The answer is that you can absolutely eat biscotti whenever you want and with whatever you want. Most of the time, people can have biscotti with their morning coffee or as a snack in the afternoon.

Americano Coffee Flat lay on an oak table with Italian Almond biscotti rough-cut demerara sugar cubes whole arabica Coffee beans and organic ground coffee

It is common in Italy to dip the cake in coffee. On cold winter days, nothing beats dipping a crunchy, flavorful biscotti into a hot cup of coffee and eating while sipping the coffee. Put a little orange zest, nuts, or melted chocolate on top of the cookies to make them taste even better.

Besides that, some people also like to eat this cake while drinking tea. With healthy ingredients, an easy-to-use design, and a quick and easy way to enjoy them, nutritious biscotti will satisfy your craving for Italian biscuits.

How To Use Biscotti For Those Who Want To Lose Weight?

Biscotti is a great choice for people who are trying to lose weight because it is very low in calories and fat. Each biscotti only weighs about 10 grams. That means every time you eat about 3–4 cakes, which is about 40g, you only take in about 180 calories. In fact, an adult meal needs 667 calories, therefore, when you eat biscotti, you’re only eating up to 2, 3 times fewer calories than usual. That is to say, you can completely add biscotti to your daily diet to help you lose weight.

Biscotti also has good-for-you nuts like almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc., and dried fruits, which can give you even more essential nutrients.

Pieces of baked Italian Christmas biscotti cookies

Admittedly, biscotti can help you lose weight and keep your shape, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get to the weight you want.

  • You can eat about two or three biscotti as a snack each day when you’re hungry. It is best to eat breakfast to get enough energy for the whole day. When you are on a diet, you can eat about 4–5 biscotti every day. Don’t eat too many, though, because your energy level will go up from there, making it easy for you to gain weight.
  • For better weight loss, you should choose biscotti cakes that have no sugar or less sugar and are made with healthy, fat-free ingredients like cereal flour, honey, dried nuts, etc.
  • You can serve biscotti with fresh milk or unsweetened yogurt if you think the cake is a little dry. Adding biscotti to fruit smoothies also helps you get fiber and important vitamins.
  • Lastly, you need to work out regularly and in a safe way in addition to your healthy diet to be physically fit.

Final Thought

Obviously, you can just drink coffee or eat biscotti separately, but combining the two will give you a lot of new and interesting experiences, as each has its own nutritional value and benefits. In case you have never tried this special cookie, stop by a biscotti bakery and buy a small bag to eat while drinking coffee right now. I’ll see you in my next posts.