How Many Shots In A Latte?

Someone told me that even if you spread all 10 fingers, you cannot count all the wonderful things that Italy has to offer. But one thing is for sure, among the beautiful things that you just counted, Cafe Latte is always number one. If you have tasted Latte coffee once, it will be hard for you to forget its distinctive and attractive flavor. So what is Latte coffee? How many shots in a latte? What are the ingredients that make diners so entangled? Let me find out in this article to know the answer!

What Is Cafe Latte?

Latte is a type of milk coffee originating from Italy with main ingredients including Espresso (accounting for ⅓), milk (accounting for ⅓), and milk foam (accounting for ⅓).

The special feature of Latte coffee that makes many people love this drink is because of its distinctive delicious taste, not too fat milk, or not too strong coffee taste. All ingredients are blended to create a drink that is extremely fragrant and fancy. In addition to the excellent coffee latte taste, the form of the coffee cup is a decorative art with milk foam in the shape of trees, hearts, flowers, etc., very eye-catching.

Coffee cup latte art

Many people mistake Latte coffee for Cappuccino coffee because both drinks have the same decoration, harmonious colors between the light brown color of coffee (Espresso) and milk, and the same ingredients are made from 3 ingredients. It’s basically espresso, hot milk, and a layer of foamed milk. However, the essence is still different when the cafe latte gives a less voluminous decorative milk froth, a larger glass, lower caffeine content as well as a richness of milk suitable for more user tastes. You have to be really a “connoisseur” about coffee to be able to feel this difference.

Cafe Latte is the perfect combination of Espresso and milk. A bit of bitterness from coffee mixed with the sweetness of milk will make the taste extremely unique and attractive. According to many studies of experts, enjoying a cup of latte in the morning will help people feel more mentally refreshed and alert, helping to reduce the risk of skin cancer…

Ingredients of Coffee Latte

As mentioned above, Latte coffee is known as Italian milk coffee with 3 familiar ingredients: Espresso coffee, hot cow’s milk, and milk foam… To shape the Latte coffee, people will use hot cow’s milk or hot fresh milk poured into a previously brewed cup of Espresso and when you see the surface of the coffee has a layer of brown waves, you will start to put milk on the surface to shape.

Coffees Similar To Latte

Different coffee drinks isolated on white background. Espresso, macchiato, chocolate, ristretto, mocha, irish, cocoa, frappe, glace, americano, latte, cappuccino

Because the ingredients and appearance are quite similar, if you are not too connoisseur of coffee, it is easy to confuse 3 types Latte, Cappuccino, and Macchiato. In fact, the composition of these three types of coffee is similar, only the dosage is different.

How Many Calories In 1 Cup Of Coffee Latte?

The amount of fat in a coffee latte is a very good amount. However, the amount of calories in 1 cup of Latte is quite a lot. A small cup of Costa Primo-style Latte contains about 153 calories, 5 times more than a regular cup of black coffee with milk. Therefore, every day you should only drink about 1 small cup of Latte coffee because if you drink too much, you can’t control the absorption, and it’s easy to gain weight!

Ingredients For Making A Delicious Italian Latte

The ingredients to prepare a delicious Italian Latte are also quite simple. All you need is about 8g of coffee, 120ml of hot cow’s milk, and some foamed milk. In addition, an Espresso machine, a milk shaker, and a cup are indispensable tools.

For Espresso coffee after brewing to have a strong flavor and characteristic scent, you should prefer to choose Moka coffee, or mix 2 types of Arabica and Robusta coffee in the ratio of 3/7 or 4/6 depending on your preference. On the market today, there are many types of poor-quality coffee, mixed a lot. Therefore, you should look to buy clean coffee with a clear origin, not cheap but choose floating coffee on the market.

Regarding milk, low-fat or fat-free milk will be an appropriate choice to easily foam your coffee Latte. If you like it sweet, you can consider adding a little more milk, but if you like it more bitter, you can reduce the milk content. However, the advice for you is to give a proportion of milk just equal to Espresso coffee to get the right Italian latte flavor.

If you have tasted Latte coffee once, it will be hard for you to forget its distinctive flavor. How to make Latte coffee below will help you easily enjoy this favorite flavor at home anytime! Follow along and get started right away!

How To Properly And Simply Make Latte Coffee At Home

Step 1: Prepare Materials And Tools

In order for Espresso to be dense and have a specific flavor, you should choose Moka coffee. Or you can mix Arabica and Robusta in a ratio of 4/6 or 3/7 depending on your preference.

250-300ml cold fresh milk.

Coffee grinder, coffee machine.


Step 2: Proceed To Grind Coffee

Put 8-10 grams of coffee beans in a coffee grinder. You can adjust the fineness of the coffee powder as you like to best suit each type of coffee machine.

Note, that the grinding process must be done quickly, the most reasonable time is from 23-28 seconds so as not to expose the coffee much to the air and always keep the flavor.

Step 3: Prepare Espresso

Use a compression tool to compress the coffee tightly.

When compressing, the handle should be level with the bar, shoulder and hand should form a 90-degree right angle, then press down with moderate force.

Put the compressed coffee into the machine, and process to make 35ml of Espresso.

Step 4: Make milk foam

Put 250-300ml of cold milk in a stainless steel bowl, and beat the hot milk with a milking machine at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius for about 10-15 seconds.

Note: Choose unsweetened milk and milk must be cooled before whipping.

Step 5: Decorate

This stage requires ingenuity, sophistication, and the aesthetic eye of the bartender.

Notes When Making Latte

Making coffee in the coffee machine. Fresh espresso. Man prepares coffee.
  • Should choose a thick cup.
  • Make sure there are no milk froths by skimming all the bubbles floating on top.
  • Add the espresso first, then the hot milk on top.
  • Finally, express your creativity with shapes and textures such as flowers, hearts…

So you have completed a very delicious and attractive Latte coffee!