Iced Coffee That Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee

Iced coffee is a perfect summer drink that brings a sense of refreshment while maintaining alertness. Although there are now many different iced coffee recipes, from simple to sophisticated, iced coffee is still considered an easy recipe to make at home. However, if you are not a professional barista, it is quite difficult to make a perfect cup of iced coffee day in and day out. If you have problems with the taste of your iced coffee, don’t worry. Here, in this article, we will analyze the reasons why iced coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee.

What Is Iced Coffee?

iced coffee that doesn t taste like coffee
Ice coffee with cream in a tall glass and coffee beans, portafilter, tamper and milk jug on dark concrete table over black wooden background

Iced coffee is a beverage made from coffee and served cold. The first cup of iced coffee appeared in 1840 in Algeria. The first known type of coffee was called Mazagran – a coffee drink discovered by the French army during the Battle of Mazagran. At that time, to cope with the heat they added water to their coffee and decided to drink cold coffee. Later, when they returned to Paris, Mazagran’s soldiers suggested to coffee shop owners use this recipe with customers. Since that time, the first iced coffee is known as Mazagran.

These days, iced coffee is more commonly known as espresso, filter coffee, or coffee syrup mixed with ice cubes and milk. In 1955 when Starbucks introduced to the market Frappuccino, frappe + cappuccino, the popularity of iced coffee expanded and now iced coffee has occupied a significant part of the beverage market. the coffee.

Ingredients In A Cup Of Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is basically a beverage with a simple preparation. Just 3 ingredients: coffee, ice and milk can completely create a perfect iced coffee.

Iced coffee is becoming more and more popular because of the variety of iced coffee recipes that have been created. From salted caramel, strawberry to vanilla, you can drink your iced coffee just the way you like it. If you love the taste of coffee, you can also enjoy a cup of natural iced coffee. Iced coffee now caters to all tastes of drinkers, from the simplest to more sophisticated ones like yogurt iced coffee, Oreo iced coffee or Baileys iced coffee.

Why Doesn’t Iced Coffee Taste Like Hot Brew?

Closeup of a female hand with a jug pouring milk into a glass of iced coffee cubes on a wooden table with cookies, cinnamon sticks, and a towel

Usually, iced coffee is made with syrup, sugar, and some kind of milk or cream. With this combination, it is fair to say that for someone who is not addicted to coffee, iced coffee is easier to drink than hot brewed coffee. Iced coffee creates a refreshing feeling when drinking, scoring points on hot days.

If you regularly drink both types, you will easily realize that the taste of iced coffee and hot coffee is not the same. The cause of this difference is not simply a change in the temperature of the coffee cup. For example, just because iced coffee has a good taste, it doesn’t mean that cold coffee is also delicious. The appropriate explanation, in this case, is that hot coffee cools will gradually lose the passionate aroma, and strong flavor at the beginning. And iced coffee is not inherently long-lasting coffee, so there is no evaporation phenomenon.

The Reason Why Your Iced Coffee Doesn’t Retain It’s Typical Coffee Flavor

Black coffee is poured into a clear glass of ice

1. The Taste Of Coffee Is Pale Due To The Use Of A Lot Of Ice

This is a common mistake when making iced coffee. Use more ice to make the coffee cooler, but this tends to make the cup pale. The best treatment in this case is to make the coffee stronger to compensate for the ice.

Dunkin’ Donuts once shared the secret to being able to make a perfect iced coffee, which is to make the coffee twice as strong, so that once you add ice, the taste is still great without fading. In a press release, Mr. Rob Stephen – Product Development Manager of Dunkin’ Donuts shared that: “Iced ice reduces the flavor of coffee, which is why coffee should be brewed strong. taste from the very beginning”. He also recommends using four teaspoons of ground coffee per cup of iced coffee. When you’re done making your drink, keep the iced coffee in a glass jar in the fridge to keep its best flavor.

2. Type Of Stone You Use

One way you can avoid making your coffee watery is to replace your regular ice with coffee ice. Using leftover coffee to make ice both saves money and enhances the flavor of iced coffee. You may not know, Starbucks also sells ice made from coffee in their service. Try this and re-evaluate the taste of iced coffee.

3. Sugar Of Not Dissolved

There is a problem when using sugar to make iced coffee that is when you are not careful and add sugar after adding ice. Too low a temperature will affect the solubility of sugar. And finally, what you enjoy is a cup of iced coffee with tiny sugar particles settling at the bottom of the cup. If you’ve ever been in that situation, here we have 2 tips for you. First, add the sugar while the coffee is still hot or before adding the ice and make sure the sugar is completely melted before the ice is dropped. Second, why don’t you try replacing granulated sugar with simple sugar syrup? It’s not a bad idea, give it a try.

4. Water Is Used To Make Coffee

Make no mistake, have you ever considered this issue?

Usually, people will not notice the water used in the coffee cups. Do not take this lightly, water makes up nearly 90% of iced coffee, so if the water you use has a strange taste, it will also affect the taste of the cup of coffee being made. Each brand of filtered water often has a different taste of water, choosing the right filter will help change the taste of your coffee.

5. Check The Coffee Beans

Coffee beans that are too old certainly cannot make good coffee with new coffee beans. Once you get used to the taste of fresh coffee, you will also be sensitive to old coffee losing its aroma. Before that, check the quality of the coffee beans. Poorly preserved coffee can also cause spoilage and mold.

Due to the way of preparation and drinking, from the beginning, iced coffee has a different taste from traditional hot coffee. However, if the taste of iced coffee is changed too much, we can reconsider the quality of the coffee cup. To create a perfect iced coffee, from filtered water to fresh coffee beans or small details also need to be carefully considered.