What Does The Coffee Cup On Facebook Mean

We spend a lot of our leisure time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, keeping up with the latest news from around the world or running businesses through pages and groups. If you’re a die-hard Facebook user, you’ve probably memorized the symbols and badges by now, right?

Although badges aren’t new (they’ve been around since 2018), Facebook has made an effort to expand the number of badges available to users. If you like coffee, you’ll be pleased to see a nice symbol of a coffee cup appear here as well. So, what does the coffee cup on facebook mean? What are the meanings of the other badges? Let us find out right now.

What Is The Facebook Badge?

Facebook groups are one of the most popular features on the platform. Facebook groups allow groups and organizations of various types to share information, debate issues, do commerce, and even give technical help to one another (if the group is focused on something about technology).

Badges are designed to foster a sense of community in online teams and to assist site administrators in easily identifying, understanding, and rewarding team members, but only for groups of more than 50 people.

Group admins and members may now assign and get different badges based on user activity as of mid-2018. If you’re a moderator or administrator, this is obviously one of the finest methods to recognize and reward outstanding group members. They can, on the other hand, motivate recipients to spend more time with their groups.

Overall, Facebook badges are a terrific way to recognize team members that engage in active online engagement while also giving future team members a sense of what the group is saying.

What Are Badges Provided On Facebook Now?

Badges are used to distinguish team members such as moderators, administrators, and the most active users.

When a person comments or creates a group post, they appear directly next to his or her name and profile.

On Facebook groups, new common badges include:

  • New member
  • Rising star
  • Conversation starter
  • Conversation booster
  • Greeter
  • Visual storyteller
  • Link curator
  • Founding member
  • Admin / moderator
  • Group anniversary

What Does The Facebook Coffee Cup Badge Mean?

As previously stated, Facebook users will earn a variety of badges based on the conditions specified in each badge. If you enjoy coffee, you may be wondering what that icon represents and what it means.

This badge represents for “conversation starter”. A badge given to the individual who earned the most comments and likes on their post during a four-week period.

It may not seem related to a cup of coffee, but consider it as the start of a dialogue. If you participate in the chats, the group may award you with this badge.

What Are Other Facebook Badges?

In addition to conversation stater, other Facebook badges have different meanings and purposes as follows:

New Member

It’s critical to cordially welcome new members to a fantastic Facebook community. You’ve been in a group for more than two weeks when you get a new member’s badge. This straightforward tag may help new team members feel welcomed and supported.

Rising Star

A rising star badge may be earned if you are extremely active during your first month in a group. However, earning this badge requires more than just being active. To earn a rising star, your post or remark must elicit additional responses and comments.

Conversation Booster

A conversation booster badge may be given if your article or remark consistently sparks valuable discussions. This indicates that your postings attract greater interaction, sharing, and commenting. Conversation boosters enable and encourage greater involvement, so knowing how to spot them in a Facebook group may be quite useful.


If you’re a veteran, it’s excellent to show affection to new team members. Those that communicate with new members on a regular basis get a greeter badge. There are two advantages. New members feel welcomed, and you are given a badge. Giving novices a means to identify greeters on your team may be quite beneficial since greeting makes people feel welcome and frequently helps new individuals.

Visual Storyteller

A visual storyteller badge may be earned by sharing films and photographs that other users frequently remark on or enjoy. These, too, must be distinctive and beneficial to the team.

Link Curator

Link curator badges are used to identify persons who share group-specific news and external resources. As you might expect, links and news must receive a large number of likes or comments to qualify for the badge.

Founding Member

You can utilize all of the member help you can get during the initial few weeks of launching a Facebook group. This is why a founding member badge is a great way to show your appreciation.

A badge will be awarded to those who join during the first three days, post, and invite others. The founding member badge is only accessible to new organizations, so keep that in mind.

Admin / Moderator

This badge shows next to the admin/name moderators to assist other members to recognize the group leader. This allows for better team management, as well as a safer and more involved community.

When moderators have to step in and make moderation choices, such as deleting posts or comments that don’t follow the group’s regulations, the admin/moderator badge lends them greater trust.

Group Anniversary

The group anniversary badge commemorates a user’s first day in a specific group. On that specific day, it shows next to the member’s name.

Things You Should Know About Badges

Some organizations may not have badges. Using the Settings under Administrative Tools and Insights, administrators may adjust their availability and disable or enable them. A team must have at least 50 members to be eligible for the badge.

On the Facebook Page, badges are also available. Only the Settings section on the site allows you to activate them. Toggle on the Top Fan Badge by clicking on the Facebook Badge.

Final Thought

Do you have any personal badges yet? If you answered yes, then congrats; it’s also fun to have a good badge in some groups, isn’t it? If you don’t have one, you can get one by meeting the qualifications listed above. Enjoy a cup of coffee while engaging in Facebook group activities.