How To Make Burger King Iced Coffee

For people living in the US, Australia, or the UK, Burger King is often mentioned as a familiar brand of hamburger fast food chain. 

Based on research released by the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth aiming to provide information on Burger King, to briefly review, Burger King – an international hamburger fast food restaurant chain established in the United States was established in Miami, Florida in 1954 by Jim McLamore and David Edgerton. 

Since this brand only focused on hamburgers, sandwiches, and food, coffee lovers or customers might wonder how to make Burger King iced coffee or how Burger King makes their iced coffee.

Within this article, the answer to this question will be provided along with other useful information about the big brand fast food chain Burger King.

Does Burger King iced coffee have milk in it?

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Iced coffee’s availability varies by location, therefore if you want to order a cup of iced coffee from Burger King, you need to share your location to check if it is available in your place to have the item. 

There are two available coffee types served on Burger King’s online website and in stores: BK Cafe iced coffee and Cold brew iced coffee. Generally, customers are offered three flavors for their iced coffee which are plain, vanilla, and mocha.

Does Burger King add milk to the iced coffee? – Yes, they do. And all the flavors of BK coffee are made with milk. 

Milk in iced coffee enhances the fatty and sweet flavor as well as reduces the bitterness of brewed coffee. Burger King’s coffee options only consist of iced coffee cups which contain milk in them. This might be a wise scheme since milk coffee can be adapted by the majority of customers better than non-dairy coffee ones. 

How to make Burger King Iced coffee?

Iced coffee recipes from big brands are usually revealed or discovered by coffee lovers. Within the lines below, you will also come up with ingredients for making iced coffee from Burger King. 

Generally, to make a cup of iced coffee you will need ice and brewed coffee. In Burger King’s iced coffee, silky milk cream or milk is also added. Besides, the difference between normal iced coffee and BK iced coffee is the syrup added according to each flavor. To make mocha iced coffee, mocha syrup is used. 

The first step to do is to prepare the main ingredient which is coffee and what you should get is coffee granules. Then blend coffee granules with sugar.

Next, pour milk and add cocoa powder into the mixture. Keep blending until the texture of the coffee is smooth and make sure all the ingredients are dissolved. 

To get the flavor you want, you need to add more flavor syrups such as vanilla, plain, and mocha. Finally, stir your coffee with ice cubes and enjoy. 

As the recipe goes like that, all the ingredients mentioned and the replacement of different syrups: vanilla, mocha, and plain make flavorful Burger King iced coffee cups. 

What brand of coffee does Burger King use?

The main factor behind the fresh and delicious iced coffee served by Burger King is the high quality of the beans. Arabic coffee beans are the main factor building up the signature taste of BK iced coffee cups. And of course, they use real coffee granules.

Where do these Arabic coffee beans come from?

Burger King has a document called “Investor Information” that mentioned the corporate or coffee beans supplier of the brand. That is MIAMI and SEATTLE-based Burger King Corp and Seattle’s Best Coffee which came up to sign an agreement of offering 100% coffee beans from roughly 7,250 Burger King restaurants in the United States by September 2010. In other words, Burger King Corp. and Seattle‘s Best Coffee Team up to Offer Freshly-Brewed Premium Coffee in BURGER KING Restaurants Nationwide.

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In 1970, Seattle’s Best Coffee began roasting coffee, and it is now one of the most renowned specialty American coffee company names. Seattle’s Best(RUncommonly )’s Smooth(TM) flavor profile is derived from years of expertise in finding and roasting the best beans, producing really tasty and fulfilling mixes. The existing BK JOE coffee program from Burger King Corp. will be replaced with Seattle’s Best Coffee. 

You might not know but there is a fact that Seattle’s Best Coffee is also a supplier of Starbucks since it became a subsidiary of Starbucks coffee chains.

Final thoughts

Burger King has been ranked in the high position among famous coffee restaurant and store chains in the US and other areas like Uk or Australia. Moreover, iced coffee at Burger King is easy to make at home since the ingredients are available at every supermarket to purchase. Hope you will get useful information about this big brand and their fresh iced coffee,